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Attorney Pat Rupich’s unique practice serves the greater Milwaukee area, southeastern Wisconsin, and the Fox River Valley.

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Criminal Defense Law

The criminal justice system can be unforgiving, with law enforcement and prosecutors doing everything possible to hand out convictions. Too many times individual rights are compromised when someone is investigated, arrested or charged with a crime. This is unacceptable.

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Juvenile Defense In Children's Court

Your child’s moment of poor judgment or delinquent behaviors should not sentence him or her to a life in the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens when overzealous law enforcement officers or prosecutors fail to act in accordance with proper juvenile court/children’s court procedures.

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Restraining Orders Defense

Restraining orders (also known as injunctions) are intended to protect victims of violence, neglect or abuse. In some cases, however, they are misused or unjustified. Not only does the alleged abuser end up with a restraining order filed against him or her, he or she could also end up with the stigma of a serious criminal record.

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Bankruptcy and Chapter 128

Overwhelming debt does not come out of nowhere. It happens over time when hardworking people meet obstacles that cannot be met on their income alone. Unemployment, medical issues and predatory lending practices all can easily lead to insurmountable debt — debt that can be handled by filing bankruptcy or Chapter 128 bankruptcy alternatives.

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About Rupich Law

Attorney Pat Rupich focuses his law practice in the areas of criminal defense, juvenile defense, restraining order defense, and debt options.  He serves southeastern Wisconsin and the Fox Valley, including Milwaukee County, Outagamie County, Winnebago County, and Fond du Lac County


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